Hydrotechnical Construction

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Construction of the Nurek hydroelectric station penstocks

  • G. A. Polonskii
  • A. G. Polonskii


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    The parameters of modern penstocks are increasing constantly, and in this connection the requirements imposed on the materials for their manufacture are increasing. Observance of the technology of manufacture and assembly as an indispensable condition of high-quality construction assumes particular importance.

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    A common feature of present-day plans for assembling penstocks is the trend to a maximum decrease of the cost of constructing a hydroelectric station and shortening its construction time, increase of reliability, and improvement of the operating conditions. The ever-increasing demands for reliability and economy of penstocks, mechanization and automation of operations, and the use of new technology require a further increase in the efficiency of assembly work.

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    In the case of large volumes of assembly operations performed in the construction of outsize penstocks it is expedient to create at the assembly facilities specialized shops equipped with 50-ton bridge cranes and stationary roller stands. If the automatic welding shop does not have bridge cranes, it is necessary to use universal travelling roller stands for automatic welding and inspection of the welded joints.

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    Assembly of the penstock in a tunnel must begin from the end opposite the entrance through which the pipes are delivered. Delivery of the pipes through the tunnel should be done on tracks laid with great accuracy and concreted thus, so that the links are normal immediately to the design position when butted.

  5. 5.

    The elbows, forks, and collectors should be assembled in the tunnel by means of bridge cranes.



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