Hydrotechnical Construction

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Engineering-geological conditions at the Araks hydroengineering complex

  • B. A. Kantor


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    Investigations along the boundary sector of the Araks have made it possible to put forward a scheme of demarcation into engineering-geological zones. Against the background of three large geotectonic zones of broad scale, there have been distinguished eight engineering-geological regions, enabling 12 hydroengineering and one water-supply complex to be effectively sited.

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    The primary structures to be built are the Araks hydroengineering complex and the Mil'-Mugansk watersupply dam, the Khudaferin hydroengineering complex being next in order of priority.

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    By comparing different versions, subsequent research made it possible to select the optimal sitings of the Araks hydroengineering complex and the Mil'-Mugansk dam.

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    The Araks hydroengineering complex is located above the entrance to the Negram gorge in favorable topographic but fairly complex engineering-geological conditions. The latter are due to the high seismic activity and the presence nearby of large faults containing corrosive waters linked with deep-seated fault zones.

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    An important saving in the construction costs may be obtained by the availability of various local structural materials located under easy mining conditions.



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