Hydrotechnical Construction

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Proposed complex utilization of water resources in the Prut River basin

  • V. I. Zeryukov
  • E. F. Pavlov


The realization of the proposed water-resources development scheme for the multi-purpose utilization of water and land resources in the Prut River basin would make possible the following:
  1. a)

    flood control, which would prevent the frequent flooding of 250,000 ha of lowland. This would make it possible to include the area in a program of intensive agricultural utilization, and would also prevent flooding and erosion of existing settlements and other objectives of the economy.

  2. b)

    The proposed multi-purpose storage reservoirs would permit regulating the river flow for water supply, irrigation and power generation. The total capacity of the run-of-river and pumped-storage plants in the basin is planned at 640,000 kW (if necessary it could be increased by increasing the capacity of the pumped-storage plants) with a total energy generation of 1047 million kWh/yr in a region with a big deficit in peak capacity.

  3. c)

    To achieve in the limits of the USSR territory land improvement on a 147,000 ha area and to improve agricultural utilization of the land on a 57,000 ha area.

  4. d)

    To reduce soil erosion, to protect agricultural facilities, and to increase land productivity.

  5. e)

    The storage reservoirs would create favorable conditions for recreation and sports facilities.



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