Hydrotechnical Construction

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Discussions on applied soil mechanics

Pressure of a cohesionless mass on curved retaining walls of hydraulic structures
  • V. F. Korbashov


The investigations of earth pressure on curved walls performed by V. I. Titova on the basis of the Coulomb theory disregarded the stress components acting perpendicuarly to the meridional planes, i.e., the three-dimensional problem was not solved. As a consequence of this, we find from the results of her work that the earth pressure should be 35–40% less than follows from the relations obtained for Coulomb’s plane problem. The analysis made in this article does not agree with these conclusions. The relations obtained for determining the active and passive earth pressures on curved retaining walls on the assumption of plane surfaces of sliding for elementary sections in accord with Coulomb’s theory do not differ under conditions of the axisymmetric problem (with a horizontal surface of the fill and a vertical, frictionless wall) from the relations obtained for the plane problem.


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