Hydrotechnical Construction

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Experience with the damming of the right arm of the Volga river during the construction of a stream separator in the delta

  • I. S. Kuul
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    The combination of hydraulic filling with and without the protection of a rock banquette is convenient and economical. Hydraulic filling without the use of banquettes is recommended for average velocities not exceeding the values obtained from Eq. (5).

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    The preliminary protection of the river bed at a site where damming work is to be carried out does not always prove to be effective. Under average velocities exceeding the values obtained from Eq. (5), small local rubble fill protections are destroyed. In case it is necessary to place preliminary protection on the river bed, the existing recommendations may be used [5].

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    The empirical relations presented here may be recommended for preliminary calculations relating to damming work to be carried out under conditions similar to those of the problem discussed.



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