Hydrotechnical Construction

, Volume 4, Issue 5, pp 409–412 | Cite as

Experience in the application of microseismic prospecting for the study of slope stability

  • L. D. Belyi
  • G. A. Paushkin
  • A. S. Zaitsev
  • L. I. Pestov


  1. 1.
    Microseismic prospecting on slopes can prove effective in the solution of the following hydraulic engineering construction problems:
    1. a)

      determination of the thickness of the weathered rock zone at the abutment of installations in the banks, and in arriving at the depth of insertion;

    2. b)

      clarification of the effect of slope degradation and nature of the stress in the rock mass;

    3. c)

      carrying out systematic observations on slip slopes on the abutment sections and in the reservoir zone.

      During these investigations it is possible to determine the boundaries between the slipping rocks (or those susceptible to slips) and the stable rock, to determine the morphology of the slip bed, to clarify the geometry of slip blocks in the plane, and sometimes the slip stage, the nature of fissuring of the slip mass, and sometimes the preferred direction of slip cracks.

      The setting up of long-term periodic observations employing microseismic prospecting on potentially dangerous sections in respect of slip may provide material necessary for engineering geologists when assessing the dynamic nature of slips.

  2. 2.

    Microseismic prospecting data must be duly corrected on the basis of general geologic procedures.



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  • L. D. Belyi
  • G. A. Paushkin
  • A. S. Zaitsev
  • L. I. Pestov

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