Measurement Techniques

, Volume 39, Issue 5, pp 463–465 | Cite as

Vertical displacements of the mendeleevo station resulting from atmospheric deflections of the Earth's crust

  • N. I. Kolosnitsyn
  • L. A. Sinenko
  • L. S. Yunoshev
Fundamental Problems in Metrology


A significant correlation was established between the measured vertical displacements of the Mendeleevo GPS Station and the calculated deflections of the Earth's surface caused by changes of atmospheric pressure on the Eurasian continent. A correlation was also established with the local atmospheric pressure at the Mendeleevo station.


Physical Chemistry Analytical Chemistry Vertical Displacement Local Atmospheric Pressure Eurasian Continent 


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  • N. I. Kolosnitsyn
  • L. A. Sinenko
  • L. S. Yunoshev

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