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The types ofScelionidae [Hymenoptera: Proctotrupoidea] in some Italian collections (Museums of Genoa and Florence, Institute of Portici)



A large number ofScelionidae have been described byKieffer who, unfortunately, did not keep a private collection so that the types of his species are scattered and often not recognized in many museums.

This contribution gives information on the types of species described byKieffer, besides a few other authors, on material collected by Italian entomologists.

The finding and the study of old species is fundamental to subsequent revisions and reliable identifications, mostly in this group ofParasitica in which so often new species of economic importance are described.


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Ce travail est consacré aux types deScelionidae de quelques collections italiennes parmi lesquelles on a trouvé 60 holotypes: 50 dans le Museum civil d'histoire naturelle de Gênes, 6 dans le Musée zoologique La Specola de Florence et 4 à l'Institut d'entomologieF. Silvestri à Portici. Il y a 51 espèces décrites parKieffer, 5 parFouts et 1 parMasi, Rondani, Sarra etSilvestri, respectivement. Ces espèces proviennent de plusieurs régions et en particulier de la Méditerranée.

On donne en outre des informations sur des espèces non types, intéressantes au point de vue taxonomie.


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