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Tylenchorhynchus dubius (Bütschli, 1873) Filipjev, 1936: an injurious root ectoparasite of potatoes?

  • N. C. Kyrou
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A trial was established at Woburn Experimental Station to study the effects onH. rostochiensis populations of susceptible and resistant potato varieties under different conditions in 1966. Controlling the cyst nematodes suggested that the root ectoparasiteTylenchorhynchus (mainlyT. dubius) was important. Its effects on the growth of potatoes were studied in pot trials using a lograithmic series of inocula. After 10 weeks nematodes had multiplied and potatoes had decreased in growth in proportion to neamatode density, suggesting the nematodes were harmful. Fumigation deereased the number ofTylenchorhynchus and they were more numerous after ley and lucerne than after arable crops. Brief irrigation and the use of susceptible and resistant potato varieties had not effect on nematode numbers.


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  • N. C. Kyrou
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  1. 1.Ministry of AgricultureThessalonikiGreece

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