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, Volume 80, Issue 4, pp 1892–1896 | Cite as

Sarason's transform in a Sobolev space

  • I. A. Boricheva
  • E. M. Dyn'kin


The lassical Sarason transform is the canonical isomorphism of the model space H2/gqH2 (θ is an inner function generated by a single point mass) onto the standard L2 space. In the paper the image of the space of smooth functions H 2 1 ={f: f′ ε H2} under this transform is described in explicit terms. Pointwise estimates of the model operator in H 2 1 /θH 2 1 are obtained. Bibliography: 5 titles.


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  • I. A. Boricheva
  • E. M. Dyn'kin

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