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Fundamental rectangles of admissible lattices

  • Kh. Kh. Ruzimuradov


Let Λ be a unimodular lattice in ℝ2, μ a homogeneous minimum of Λ; let P(a,b)⊂ℝ2 be a rectangle with vertices at the points (a,0), ...(0,b), P(a, b)+X its image under the translation by a vector X ∈ ℝ2. We prove that there exists a sequence of positive numbers v1<v2<...<vk<... with\(2\sqrt {2\mu } ^{ - 2} \upsilon _{k - 1} > \upsilon _k\), such that for u>μ the rectangle P(u, vk)+X contains T=S(P)+R points of Λ, where |R|<5; here S(P) is the area of the rectangle. Bibliography: 4 titles.


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  • Kh. Kh. Ruzimuradov

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