Journal of Mathematical Sciences

, Volume 97, Issue 2, pp 3959–3967 | Cite as

Pattern recognition with the help of quadratic discriminant functions

  • Yu. I. Petunin
  • B. V. Rublev


The problem of pattern recognition with the help of spherical and elliptic discriminant functions is studied; in so doing the pattern of an object is assumed to be a vector of its characters from a finite-dimensional Euclidean space. Using a conformal mapping of a punctured sphere onto the plane as well as the inversion transformation, a criterion for the error-free recognition of two sets containing a finite number of points of training samples is obtained with the help of spherical discriminant functions. An algorithm for solving approximately a problem of construction of an ellipsoid of the minimal volume containing a given finite set of points is described. Bibliography: 5 titles.


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  • Yu. I. Petunin
  • B. V. Rublev

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