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, Volume 88, Issue 3, pp 413–418 | Cite as

The quasisteady contact problem of thermoelasticity for a two-layered cylinder under frictional heating and nonideal thermal contact

  • D. V. Grilits'kii
  • Yu. O. Pir'ev
  • Yu. I. Mandzik


In this article we give an analytic solution of the polar-symmetric quasisteady thermoelastic contact problem for a two-layer hollow circular cylinder. The problem is solved taking account of frictional heat production and thermal resistance on the mutually tangent surfaces of the components of the cylinder. On the exterior boundary of the two-layer system we study the condition of Winkler elastic fixing. In the solution we apply the Laplace transform with respect to time. We carry out a numerical analysis whose results are shown as graphs.


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  • D. V. Grilits'kii
  • Yu. O. Pir'ev
  • Yu. I. Mandzik

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