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, Volume 76, Issue 3, pp 2343–2347 | Cite as

Surface instability of a homogeneous half-space coupled with a finite number of laminas

  • V. N. Chekhov
  • V. S. Stukotilov


In the context of the model of a piecewise-homogeneous medium in three-dimensional formulation we study the problem of the surface loss of stability in laminated semi-bounded media with a finite number of laminas. For the study we invoke a version of three-dimensional stability theory constructed for small pre-critical deformations when the pre-critical state is determined from the geometrically linear theory. To construct the resolvent characteristic equations we use the matrix representation of the basic relations.

Using a computer we carry out a numerical study of the stability of a homogeneous half-space coupled to various numbers of laminas, and we conduct a comparative analysis of the results.


Comparative Analysis Finite Number Characteristic Equation Matrix Representation Linear Theory 
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  • V. N. Chekhov
  • V. S. Stukotilov

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