Journal of Mathematical Sciences

, Volume 79, Issue 6, pp 1446–1449 | Cite as

An approximate method of computing the magneto-acoustic heating of electrically conducting bodies

  • A. L. Radovinskii
  • S. V. Sobolev


We discuss a method of approximate computation of the noncontact magneto-acoustic heating of nonmagnetic viscoelastic matter, based on the asymptotic separation of the initial equations of the theory of magnetoelasticity and the expansion of the solutions of the resulting sequence of problems in a series of eigenfunctions of the classical problems of electrodynamics and the dynamic theory of elasticity. The asymptotic parameter ε<1 for the problem was taken to be the criterion ε=Co. Rm forRm≤1 and ε=Co forRm≥1. We obtain expressions for the average power of the Joule losses and losses due to internal friction.


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  • A. L. Radovinskii
  • S. V. Sobolev

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