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On global relations for hypergeometric series

  • V. G. Chirskii


Let [K:Q]=k, fi εK[[z]], ξ εK, Q εK[y1,...,ym]. A relation Q(f1(ξ),..., fm(ξ))=0 is called global if it holds in any local field where all fi(ξ) exist. The paper establishes that for series of the form
$$\sum\limits_{n = 0}^\infty {\frac{{(\mu _1 )_n \ldots (\mu _p )_n }}{{(\lambda _1 )_n \ldots (\lambda _{q - 1} )_n n!}}\left( {\frac{{z^{p - q} }}{{q - p}}} \right)^n , p > q,} $$
with some natural hypotheses on parameters global relations do not exist. Bibliography: 9 titles.


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