Journal of Mathematical Sciences

, Volume 81, Issue 1, pp 2421–2423 | Cite as

On the location parameter confidence intervals based on a random size sample from a partially known population

  • L. B. Klebanov
  • J. A. Melamed


The problem of constructing confidence intervals of a fixed length for the location parameter based on a random size sample is considered. It is proposed to use the confidence interval
$$\theta _p^* - u\sqrt p /\sigma< \theta< \theta _p^* + u\sqrt p /\sigma $$
, whereθ p * is an adaptive estimator,σ2 is the Fisher information, and p−1 is the mean of the sample size. Nonparametric bounds are given for the limit as p → 0 confidence probability. Bibliography: 5 titles.


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  • L. B. Klebanov
  • J. A. Melamed

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