Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering

, Volume 33, Issue 3, pp 115–118 | Cite as

Prediction of new formation of frozen soils and stability assessment of pile foundations in gas fields of Western Siberia

  • L. N. Khrustalev
  • G. P. Pustovoit
  • A. N. Kozlov
Construction on Permafrost


The effect of the redistribution of snow cover on the temperature dynamics of soils and the formation of frozen strata is demonstrated in an example of an industrial site under design for the Yamsoveisk gas field. The multiyear-frost depth of soils for which the heaving of pile foundations occurs is estimated, and recommendations are given for their heave protection. It is demonstrated that in southern regions of the cryolithic zone, it is impossible to design structures without special geocryological prediction, even in those cases when explorations do not detect the presence of frozen soils at the production site. This paper was written on the basis of studies financed by the Russian Fund for Fundamental Research (Project No. 94-05-16195-a).


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  • L. N. Khrustalev
  • G. P. Pustovoit
  • A. N. Kozlov

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