Fibre Chemistry

, Volume 32, Issue 5, pp 377–383 | Cite as

Geometric aspects of the theory of fiber tension, storage, and transport mechanisms in the absence of friction forces

  • V. A. Chaikin
Machines and Equipment


The mechanisms that perform drawing, storage, or transport of chemical fibres significantly affect their final properties. The possibility of using the small parameter method is examined for calculating the parameters of this effect: if an accurate solution of the problem is known for some initial values of the basic parameters, then its solutions for other values which differ comparatively little from the initial values can be obtained. The method allows gradually increasing the adequacy of the solution by using new or altered values of the basic parameters in the calculation. An accurate solution corresponding to negligibly small friction forces was obtained for the case where the mechanism consists of two rotating elongated cylinders which the fibre is repeatedly wound around.


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