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Handedness in twins according to zygosity and chorion type: A preliminary report


In the course of the East Flanders Prospective Twin Survey (EFPTS), handedness was assessed as part of a genealogical study (Meulemanset al., 1995) in 1616 twins (808 twin pairs) aged 6 to 28. Our findings are that, in this large population-based study with known placentation and zygosity, the often observed higher frequency of left-handedness in twins is confirmed, that it appears to be independent of zygosity and chorion type, and that the belief that discordant handedness in monozygotic twins represents mirrorimaging is mythical.

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Derom, C., Thiery, E., Vlietinck, R. et al. Handedness in twins according to zygosity and chorion type: A preliminary report. Behav Genet 26, 407–408 (1996).

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Key Words

  • Twins
  • handedness
  • zygosity
  • chorion type
  • heritability