Materials Science

, Volume 35, Issue 6, pp 783–789 | Cite as

Influence of a concentrated force on the contact of an elastic body with a rigid base with depression

  • I. M. Machyshyn
  • R. M. Martynyak


We study the contact interaction of an elastic half plane with a rigid base containing a smooth depression on the boundary. The bodies are kept in contact by the action of a uniform external pressure and a concentrated force applied to an elastic half plane above the center of the depression. The presence of the depression in the rigid base results in the appearance of an intercontact gap between the bodies whose length depends on the load. The contact problem is reduced to a singular integral equation for the height of the gap. This equation is solved analytically. The influence of the force on the length and height of the gap is analyzed. It is shown that, for some magnitudes of the force and distances from the point of its application to the interface of the bodies, the bodies may be in contact even in the center of the depression.


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  • I. M. Machyshyn
  • R. M. Martynyak

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