Fibre Chemistry

, Volume 31, Issue 1, pp 66–69 | Cite as

Determination of the concentration of aromatic polyamide in a spinning solution

  • L. N. Bykova
  • E. N. Papkova
  • O. Ya. Chesnokova
  • A. V. Novikov
Methods of Investigation


A method for determining the concentration of polymer in a spinning solution based on potentiometric titration of hydrochloric acid bound by the tertiary nitrogen of the benzimidazole group in the polymer was developed. The method allows reducing the time of analysis by 2–2.5 times in comparison to the dry residue method of analysis. The method was metrologically certified in an active enterprise. The possibility of using the method of linear regression analysis for processing the spinning solution titration curves without plotting them was demonstrated.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • L. N. Bykova
  • E. N. Papkova
  • O. Ya. Chesnokova
  • A. V. Novikov

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