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Light use efficiencies of potato cultivars with late blight (Phytophthora infestans)


Potato cultivars of different maturity classes and levels of resistance toPhytophthora infestans were grown under several disease intensities in three field trials. Seasonal courses of ground cover by green foliage and final tuber yields were determined. Light use efficiencies (LUE) were calculated from regression analyses of yield on cumulative light interception.

Late blight reduced tuber yields by decreasing cumulative light interception without affecting LUE. No differences in LUE between cultivars or cultivar classes were detected. Therefore, the maintenance of green leaf area is important when breeding potatoes for optimal performance in the presence of late blight.

The results support the hypothesis that the correlation between lateness and reported resistance of potato cultivars is due to the vigorous foliage growth of late cultivars.

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