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Testicular torsion following torsion of a hydatid of Morgagni


The acute scrotum is one of the commonest surgical emergencies in pediatric practice. Early diagnosis, prompt treatment, and preventive measures are important to avoid testicular infarction. Occurrence of torsion has been previously reported following orchidopexy for undescended testis and for previous torsion of the testis. We report a case of intravaginal torsion of the testis in a patient who had previously undergone exploration and excision of a torted hydatid of Morgagni without formal orchidopexy. As exploration of the scrotum does not confer protection against subsequent torsion, orchidopexy should be routinely performed in patients who are found to have high investment of the tunica vaginalis or separation of the epididymis and testis on scrotal exploration for any reason.

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Surana, R., Guiney, E.J. Testicular torsion following torsion of a hydatid of Morgagni. Pediatr Surg Int 8, 65 (1993).

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  • Spermatic cord torsion
  • Hydatid of Morgagni