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О разложениях в ряд ы о бобщенно-абсолютно-м онотонных функций

  • М. М. Джрбашян
  • Б. А. Саакян

On expansions into series for generalized absolutely monotonie functions


In an earlier paper [1] the notion of the so-called 〈∂, GLJ>-absolutely monotonie functions was introduced, where ∂≧1, {λk k=0 is an arbitrary non-increasing sequence of positive numbers.

It was found that the condition\(\sum\limits_{\lambda _{k > 0} } {\lambda _k^{ - 1} } = + \infty \) is necessary in order to have the series expansion
for any function f(x)∈〈∂, λj). HereL k/∂ f/(x) are special integro-differential operators of fractional order,
is a system of functions associated with the Mittag-Leffler type functions\(E_\varrho (z;\mu ) = \sum\limits_{k = 0}^\infty {z^n /\Gamma (\mu + \kappa /\varrho )} \) and with the sequence {λk}.

In the present paper it is proved (in particular, see Theorem 3.2) that the expansion (*) is valid almost everywhere on (0,l) if ∑ λ k −1 =+∞. This result contains, as a special case (when ∂=1 and λk=0,k≧0) the known theorem of S. N. Bernstein on absolutely monotonic functions.


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  • М. М. Джрбашян
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  • Б. А. Саакян
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