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Over Moederkoren (Claviceps) op Glyceria en Een Hierop Parasiteerende Cordyceps Soort

With a summary On ergot (Claviceps) of Glyceria and on a parasite of it: Cordyceps aurantiaca (Plowright and Wilson) Oort nov. comb.

  • A. J. P. Oort
Korte Mededeelingen


Researches with ergot ofGlyceria showed that the stromata can not be distinguished from those ofCl. purpurea onSecale and other grasses. Cross inoculations did not succeed, so that the form onGlyceria must be considered a new physiologic race, which may be indicated p5 followingStäger's terminology. It is very probable that most citations in literature and most specimina in hetbaria, labelledClaviceps WilsoniCooke refer to this specialized race ofCl. purpurea.

The nameCl. Wilsoni has to be dropped, because it is related to a parasite on the sclerotia ofClaviceps. This same parasite, which has yellow clavate stromata with prominent perithecia, was namedBarya aurantiaca byPlowright andWilson, who found it onGlyceria-sclerotia near Aberdeen. It must be considered identical withCordyceps ClavicipitisOertegren. The name has to beCordyceps aurantiaca. (Pl. & W.) Oort, nov. comb.


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  1. 1.Laboratorium voor Mycologie en AardappelonderzoekWageningen

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