Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 35, Issue 5, pp 524–528 | Cite as

Alkoxylation and hydration of camphene in the presence of acid catalysts

  • A. B. Radbil'
  • M. V. Kulikov
  • T. N. Sokolova
  • V. R. Kartashov
  • B. A. Zolin
  • B. A. Radbil'


The alkoxylation of camphene in the presence of various acid catalysts is studied. Alkylisobornyl ethers are obtained in high yields if the heteropolyacidsH4SiW12O40 andH3PW12O40 are used as the catalysts. The mechanism of the acid-catalyzed hydration of camphene in aqueous-alcohol solutions is examined.


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  • A. B. Radbil'
  • M. V. Kulikov
  • T. N. Sokolova
  • V. R. Kartashov
  • B. A. Zolin
  • B. A. Radbil'

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