Hydrotechnical Construction

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Basic trends in the development of hydromechanization in hydraulic and power construction

  • G. M. Maslyakov
  • S. T. Rozinoer
Papers Construction Projects of the Five-Year Plan


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    Experience confirms that use of hydromechanization in hydraulic construction can be significantly expanded, particularly in building unique dams from local materials, and in the construction of water-supply systems for nuclear power plants and large thermal electric plants and projects involving the engineering protection of reservoirs.

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    The most effective engineering solutions that govern the specifics of the use of hydromechanization facilities and significantly increase the technicoeconomic construction indicators may be ensured by the combined efforts of the designers of the hydraulic structures and the hydraulicking engineers.

  3. 3.

    The widespread use of designs of impounding dams for the cooling ponds required by nuclear and thermal power plants and the dikes that protect reservoirs with spread wave-damping embankments should, among other things, be referred to as one of the basic trends toward increasing construction efficiency; this will make it possible to reduce sharply the volumes of work and the demand for labor and material resources in preparing foundations and installing stabilization measures. From these positions, dam-design standards currently in effect should be defined more precisely.

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    Hydraulic projects involving water-supply systems for nuclear and thermal power plants must be planned with the widespread utilization of leading experience and the unification of progressive solutions.

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    The further development of hydromechanization places urgent emphasis on the task of organizing a scientific-research and structural center for the building and refinement of special equipment.



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