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Selection of optimum typical proportions of ejectors for hydropower stations

  • M. L. Neminskii
Papers Experience with the Operation of Hydraulic Structures and their Equipment in Hydroelectric Plants


Taking into account the satisfactory agreement between the experimental and derived values of the relative head h, and also that the functions K=f(h) obtained by calculations on an ÉTsVM for both the suction and mixing regimes over a wide range of variation of the typical ejector proportions (K=0.1–0.5) agree closely with the same functions as determined from investigations carried out by other authors (M. Gubin, Yu. Kirillovskii, L. Podvidz, E. Sokolov, N. Zinger) for corresponding nozzle friction factors ζn [6] (Fig. 5), the following conclusions, are drawn:
  1. 1.

    The theoretical equation expressing the head-discharge characteristics of ejectors and the functions derived from it as base, using an electronic computer, which correlate their optimum geometric proportions and head characteristics, are verified by test data.

  2. 2.

    Selection of the optimum ejector proportions can be made with sufficient accuracy by using the functions proposed.



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