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Tests of mullite-corundum refractories based on fused mullite in the roof of an electric steel-melting furnace

  • V. A. Ustichenko
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Mullite-corundum refractories based on 63 – 90% fused mullite have been produced and tested in the roof of a 50-ton electric arc furnace. It has been established that their wear resistance is no worse than that of heat-resistant mullite-corundum bricks of grade MK-80 produced according to TU 14-80405-82. The tested refractories were worn due to their saturation with oxides from the molten products and the interaction of the latter with the structural components of the refractory. This promoted the decomposition of mullite into corundum and a glass phase with aftercompaction ands spalling of the refractory.


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  • V. A. Ustichenko
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  1. 1.Ukrainian Research Institute of RefractoriesKharkovUkraine

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