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Liberty, equality, and efficiency J. E. Meade New York: New York university press, 1993, ix, 256 pp.

  • Ralph W. Pfouts
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This is a review article of a book by J. E. Meade. The first part of the book is a reprint of a book published in 1964. This is not described. The remainder of the book, 164 pages, deals with a fictitious island-nation, Agathotopia, which is a good but not perfect place to live. The Agathotopian economy is based on a type of firm in which capitalists and laborers both hold shares which received equal dividends. Other matters described include taxes, the treatment of the environment, and the way in which Agathotopia might fit into an international union such as the European Community. The reviewer suggests that recent trends toward increased labor-management, profit sharing, and stock ownership plans may make the labor-capital partnership a serious alternative in the future.


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