, Volume 51, Issue 4, pp 579–588 | Cite as

Testing equality of correlated proportions with incomplete data on both responses

  • Dinesh S. Bhoj
  • Tom A. B. Snijders


Two test statistics are proposed for testing the equality of two correlated proportions when some observations are missing on both responses. The performance of these tests in terms of size and power is compared with other tests by means of Monte Carlo simulations. The proposed tests are easily computed and compare favorably with other tests.

Key words

combination of tests equality of correlated proportions incomplete data asymptotically most powerful test Monte Carlo study antithetic variates power comparison 


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Copyright information

© The Psychometric Society 1986

Authors and Affiliations

  • Dinesh S. Bhoj
    • 1
  • Tom A. B. Snijders
    • 2
  1. 1.Camden College of Arts and SciencesRutgers UniversityCamden
  2. 2.University of GroningenThe Netherlands

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