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A new acid-fast bacillus isolated from a patient, suspected to be suffering from tuberculosis

  • J. H. Bekker

Conclusion and summary

From the catheter urine of a patient, the right kidney of whom was removed at an earlier date in connection with a clinically diagnosed tuberculosis, an acid-fast bacillus was isolated.

On closer investigation this bacillus appeared to belong to the group of the so-called saprophytic acid-fast bacilli, but its properties are different from all acid-fast bacilli described hitherto (Bergey (2),Dinger (3),Eichbaum (4),Gordon (5),Gordon andHagan (6),Tiedemann (10),Gróh (7),Haag (8) and others).

At the suggestion of the director of our Institute, DrW. Aeg. Timmerman, we called the new-found bacillus:Mycobacterium Bekkerrii.


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