Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds

, Volume 33, Issue 6, pp 724–727 | Cite as

On the reaction of 2-phenylaminothiazoline withα-halogenoketones

  • A. M. Demchenko
  • V. A. Chumakov
  • A. N. Krasovskii
  • V. V. Pirozhenko
  • M. O. Lozinskii


It was established that the alkylation of 2-phenylaminothiazoline with substituted phenacyl bromides proceeds at the exocyclic nitrogen atom with the formation of 5-aryl-7-phenyl-2,3-dihydroimidazo[2,1-b]thiazolium bromides. In order to confirm the structure of the last, the reductive desulfurization of one of them (Ar=p-chlorophenyl) was accomplished using Raney nickel. It was shown that dequaternization of the resulting 1-phenyl-3-ethyl-4-(p-chlorophenyl)imidazolium bromide to 1-phenyl-4-(p-chlorophenyl)imidazole, identical to the sample obtained by direct synthesis, thereby occurs.


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  • A. M. Demchenko
  • V. A. Chumakov
  • A. N. Krasovskii
  • V. V. Pirozhenko
  • M. O. Lozinskii

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