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Control of phosphorus loading and flushing as restoration methods for Lake Veluwe, The Netherlands

  • Harry Hosper
  • Marie-Louise Meyer


As a result of high nutrient loading Lake Veluwe suffered from an almost permanent bloom of the blue-green algaOscillatoria agardhii Gomont. In 1979, the phosphorus loading of the lake was reduced from approx. 3 to 1 g P.m−2.a−1. Moreover, since then the lake has been flushed during winter periods with water low in phosphorus. This measure aimed primarily at interrupting the continuous algal bloom. The results of these measures show a sharp decline of total-phosphorus values from 0.40–0.60 mg P.l−1 (before 1980) to 0.10–0.20 mg P.l−1 (after 1980). Summer values for chlorophylla dropped from 200–400 mg.m−3 to 50–150 mg.m−3.

The increase in transparency of the lake water was relatively small, from summer values of 15–25 cm before the implementation of the measures to 25–45 cm afterwards. The disappointing transparency values may be explained by the decreasing chlorophylla and phosphorus content of the algae per unit biovolume. Blue-green algae are gradually loosing ground. In the summer of 1985 green algae and diatoms dominated the phytoplankton for the first time since almost 20 years. To achieve the ultimate water quality objectives (transparency values of more than 100 cm in summer), the phosphorus loading has to be reduced further.


Oscillatoria agardhii eutrophication phosphorus laoding lake restoration lake flushing 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Harry Hosper
    • 1
  • Marie-Louise Meyer
    • 1
  1. 1.Ministry of Transport and Public WorksInstitute for Inland Water Management and Waste Water TreatmentLelystadThe Netherlands

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