Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds

, Volume 34, Issue 4, pp 466–473 | Cite as

Stereochemistry, absolute configuration, and crystal structure ofcis-(4S,9S,10R)-1-(S-1-phenylethyl)decahydroquinolin-4-ol. Relative stereochemistry of cycloalkano-2,3-piperidin-4-ols

  • G. V. Grishina
  • A. A. Espenbetov
  • A. I. Yanovskii
  • Yu. T. Struchkov


According to x-ray crystallographic data, thecis-isomer of 1-(1-phenylethyl)decahydroquinolin-4-ol, the predominant product of the stereoselective hydrogenation of1-(1--phenylethyl)-Δ9, 10-octahydroquinoline-4-one with sodium tetrahydroborate, has the (4S, 9S, 10R) configuration. The x-ray crystallographic data for this cisdecahydroquinolin-4-ol have been compared with the previously studied piperidin-4-ones of known absolute configuration. The stereochemical rules for cycloalkano-2,3-piperidine-4-ols are discussed.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • G. V. Grishina
  • A. A. Espenbetov
  • A. I. Yanovskii
  • Yu. T. Struchkov

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