Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds

, Volume 34, Issue 3, pp 339–343 | Cite as

Synthesis and properties of azoles and their derivatives 35. Regioselectivity and stereoselectivity of the [2+3]-cycloaddition of phenyl nitrones to 1-decene

  • W. Taborski
  • A. Bodura
  • A. Baranski


It was shown by spectroscopic methods that the [2+3]-cycloaddition of C,C,N-triphebyl nitrone to 1-decene is regiospecific and leads to 2,3,3-triphenyl-5-octylisoxazolidine as the only reaction product, whereas Z-C,N-diphenyl nitrone with the same alkene forms a mixture of stereoisomeric 2,3-iphenyl-5-octylisoxazolidines. The regiochemistry of the reaction was explained in terms of PMO theory.


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  • W. Taborski
  • A. Bodura
  • A. Baranski

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