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On the sampling errors of factor loadings

  • Quinn McNemar


The results of three empirical studies on the sampling fluctuation of centroid factor loadings are reported. The first study is based on data which happened to be available on 8 variables for 700 cases and which were factored to three factors for subsamples. The second study is based on fictitious data for 2500 cases which provided separate analyses on 25 samples for each of three situations: 5 variables, one factor; 5 variables, two factors; and 6 variables, three factors. The third study, based on real data for 9 variables and 7000 cases, involves separate factorization for 35 samples of 200 cases. The three studies agree in showing that the sampling behavior of first centroid factor loadings is much like that of correlation coefficients, whereas the sampling fluctuations for loadings beyond the first are disturbingly large.


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