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The consistency of the items of an activity preference blank

  • H. M. Fowler


Results of an experiment to obtain data on the consistency of the items of two forms of an Activity Preference Blank are presented. Both Form I and Form II, which was a revised edition of Form I, were administered twice, so consistency data are available for both forms. A sub-item is said to be consistent if a high proportion of men marked it the same way,M for preferred Most andL for preferred Least, on both administrations of the test. The data of the experiment were investigated to see what happens to the consistency of sub-items when the items are changed in context, when the number of sub-items in an item is reduced, and when the time-interval between the administration and the re-administration of the test is increased. The author also gives data on the consistency of the responses made to particular combinations of sub-items and data on item consistency when all sub-item combinations are taken into consideration.


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