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The simultaneous prediction of any number of criteria by the use of a unique set of weights

  • Albert K. Kurtz


When several criteria are available, it is ordinarily necessary (1) to select one of them asthe criterion, (2) to use several and thus arrive at several different sets of weights, or (3) to combine them into a single measure. A formula is derived for the determination of a unique set of weights. The use of these weights will produce the highest possible average coefficient of correlation between the various criteria and two (or more) weighted independent variables. If desired, the criteria may be assigned any predetermined weights. The weights then derived for the independent variables are such that the weighted average of the correlation coefficients between the various criteria and the independent variable composite will be a maximum. In the use of these formulas, no assumptions are necessary regarding the interrelationships existing among the criteria and it is not necessary to compute the intercorrelations among the criteria. A numerical example is included.


Weighted Average Public Policy Statistical Theory Single Measure Variable Composite 
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