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, Volume 17, Issue 2, pp 97–101 | Cite as

32P uptake in three submerged aquatic plant species

  • Sasadhar Jana
  • Monojit A. Choudhuri


Highest uptake of32P by young shoots of three plant species was observed and lowest by old ones. The uptake of32P was highest inHydrilla shoots, followed byVallisneria andPotamogeton.

Kinetin (0.23 mM) pretreatment (24 h) increased the uptake of32P, while 0.69 mM ethrel or 0.075 mM ABA decreased it in all species.32P was transported to the largest extent to the young shoots of the submerged plants and to the smallest extent to the old ones by kinetin pretreatment. Kinetin enhanced the uptake of32P most inHydrilla shoots, followed byVallisneria andPotamogeton. Ethrel diminished32P uptake most inPotamogeton shoots and to the smallest extent inHydrilla, while ABA lowered it most inHydrilla shoots and to the smallest extent inPotamogeton. Kinetin, ethrel and ABA can modify the uptake of32P of these aquatic plants.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Sasadhar Jana
    • 1
  • Monojit A. Choudhuri
    • 2
  1. 1.Botany Department Plant Physiology and Biochemistry Laboratory, School of Life ScienceVisva Bharati UniversitySantiniketanIndia
  2. 2.Plant Physiology and Biochemistry Laboratory, Botany DepartmentBurdwan UniversityBurdwanIndia

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