Mechanics of Composite Materials

, Volume 32, Issue 6, pp 544–549 | Cite as

Effect of aging of the binder on the creep of polymer concrete

  • K. Aniskevich
  • Yu. Khristova


Two polyester concretes with diabase and marble fillers and aggregates are used as examples to illustrate the possibility of using a structural approach to evaluate the creep of the composite in the initial state and after preliminary aging under laboratory conditions for a period of 12–13 yrs. Experimental study of the creep of polymer concrete and its structural components (resin and binder) after preliminary aging at elevated temperatures (60, 90°) established that the change that occurs in viscoelastic compliance with aging conforms to the analogy principle with a reduction function that depends on aging temperature and time.


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  • K. Aniskevich
  • Yu. Khristova

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