Mechanics of Composite Materials

, Volume 32, Issue 6, pp 497–503 | Cite as

Production and characterization of UHMWPE fibers/LDPE composites

  • G. Hinrichsen
  • S. Kreuzberger
  • Q. Pan
  • M. Rath


The production of unidirectionally fiber-reinforced composites (tapes) consisting of high-strength/high-modulus UHMWPE fibers and LDPE matrix is described. Two production techniques are applied: impregnation by aqueous powder dispersion and dry powder impregnation. The produced composites exhibit excellent mechanical properties. Depending on the fiber volume content which can be obtained: tensile strength (in fiber direction) 460–1100 MPa, elastic modulus 11–22 GPa, and elongation at break 4.9–8.3%.


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  • G. Hinrichsen
  • S. Kreuzberger
  • Q. Pan
  • M. Rath

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