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Patern of nitrogen release during decomposition of some green manures in a tropical alluvial soil

  • C. S. Weeraratna


The pattern of release of ammonium and nitrate nitrogen during decomposition of glyricidia, sunflower, centrosema, calapagonium and crotolaria under aerobic and anaerobic conditions, in an alluvial soil over a period of 7 weeks was studied. Under aerobic conditions, the NH4+−N production reached the maximum after the 4th week. Nitrate-N and total available-N increased in all cases throughout the incubation period except in sunflower. This showed a nitrification inhibitory effect and had a relatively high C/N ratio (11.0) and low total N content (2.8%). In general the increase in NH4+−N and NO3−N was more rapid in the early stages of incubation.

Under anaerobic conditions, the production of these nutrients was considerably low. Soil organic matter mineralized faster than the added organic material which started to decompose slowly after sometime. Nitrate-N tend to decrease during incubation attributable to denitrification.

Key Words

Aerobic Ammonium Anaerobic C/N ratio Green manures Incubation N mineralization Nitrification inhibition Nitrification stimulation 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • C. S. Weeraratna
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Agricultural Chemistry, Faculty of AgricultureUniversity of Sri LankaPeradeniyaSri Lanka

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