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Title: Development of national safety regulations for medical use of lasers in the Netherlands

  • S. R. Vaartjes
Session 3: National and International Laser Safety Regulations


Until now there are no national safety regulations for the medical use of lasers in the Netherlands. However, a committee of experts from hospitals, Health Council of the Netherlands, TNO Medical Technology Unit and industry is preparing recommendations. Their work is based on MPE values and special measurements that are performed to assess divergence and intensity distribution of laser beams, as well as optical and thermal properties of materials that are used in the clinical setting. The final intention of the committee is to advise government and hospitals on technical, environmental and administrative measures for the safety of the various medical laser applications.


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  • S. R. Vaartjes
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  1. 1.Hospital Combination Enschede-Oldenzaal and Twente UniversityGA EnschedeThe Netherlands

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