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Frequency and role of low molecular weight IgM in systemic lupus erythematosus

Study of patients from different ethnic origins


Low molecular weight IgM (LMW IgM) is the monomeric subunit of the naturally occurring pentameric IgM. It is not seen in health but has been previously observed in systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) particularly in those patients with active disease and may reflect an adverse prognostic finding. We have therefore studied the presence of LMW IgM in 33 Chinese or Malay SLE patients (Singapore) and 21 Caucasian patients (Adelaide). LMW IgM was measured using filtration chromatography or by a sensitive immunoblotting technique. LMW IgM was observed in all patients in the Adelaide group and in 32 patients in the Singapore group with slightly greater quantities being seen in the Adelaide group. LMW IgM constituted up to 15.3% of the total IgM and was frequently associated with the presence of other low molecular weight IgM oligomers. In both groups LMW IgM correlated significantly with the total IgM levels (P<0.01). In a more detailed study in the Singapore group LMW IgM also correlated significantly with the IgM anticardiolipin levels (P=0.02) but not with IgG anticardiolipin or with IgG or IgM anti-DNA levels or with rheumatoid factor. Patients with more extensive organ involvement had higher levels of LMW IgM but not at a significant level. We conclude that circulating LMW IgM occurs almost universally in SLE, is closely related to the total IgM levels and appears independent of ethnic background. The significance of LMW IgM in this disorder is unclear.

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