Mechanics of Composite Materials

, Volume 33, Issue 1, pp 74–79 | Cite as

Shear of orthogonally reinforced spherofibrous composites

  • Nguen Duc Dinh 


The problem of determining the shear characteristics and interphase stress concentration of fibrous composites with spherical inclusions is examined on the basis of a three-phase model. Stress fields caused by diffusion interaction of phases are neglected. The elastic moduli of the composite are investigated and compared with those obtained from a two-phase model. The general formula for determination of the shear modulus of triorthogonally reinforced compsites is derived using previously investigated relationships for averaged stress fields. The matrix of these compsites contained spherical cavities. The dependence of integral characteristics of three-phase composites on their bulk phase concentration was investigated. The stresses between phases were studied as a function of composite structure.


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