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Parallel flow restrictor for supercritical fluid chromatography



The flow rate in a capillary SFC column can be kept nearly constant throughout the entire pressure or density program by the use of a parallel flow restrictor The mass flow rate of the mobile phase through the column can be controlled by controlling the back-pressure at the end of the column. This was done by adding a parallel flow restrictor to the end of the column. The degree of restriction may be programmed by the temperature of the restrictor. The performance of two different types of temperature programmable restrictors, i.e., a two-stage restrictor and a parallel flow restrictor were studied and compared.

Key Words

Supercritical fluid chromatography Parallel flow restrictor Mass flow control Temperature variable restrictors 


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  • D. Pyo
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  1. 1.Department of ChemistryKangweon National University ChuncheonSouth Korea

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