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Electrophoretic characteristics of the alcohol-soluble proteins of the seeds of maize lines cultivated in Uzbekistan

  • Sh. Yu. Yunuskhanov
  • T. O. Karshiev


We have investigated the electrophoretic compositions of the zeins of various lines and forms of maize cultivated in Uzbekistan. It has been found that, according to their electrophoretic spectra, the zeins of the various lines and forms of maize differ from one another with respect to the presence of a number of major and minor components, which makes their biochemical marking possible. The electrophoretic analysis of the zeins of individual seeds showed the presence of various biotypes among the lines studied. Components of the zeins have been identified the presence of which correlates with the anthocyan coloration of maize seeds.


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  • Sh. Yu. Yunuskhanov
  • T. O. Karshiev

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