Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

, Volume 15, Issue 1, pp 271–278 | Cite as

A new scalp flap for baldness

  • Abel Chajchir
  • Iliana Benzaquen
  • Aristides Arellano


The technique and results of a new scalp flap that solves frontal baldness are described. As a bipediculate flap it offers a great amount of hair when advanced and has a low rate of complications. This kind of flap has been used by us for four years in 36 patients in the age group between 20 and 60 years. The results obtained with the flap have been very satisfactory.

Key words

Bipediculate flap Bucket handle Bitemporal-occipital flap 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Abel Chajchir
    • 1
  • Iliana Benzaquen
    • 1
  • Aristides Arellano
    • 1
  1. 1.Clinica LibertadorCapital Federal, Buenos AiresArgentina

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